Sunday, 25 March 2012



I am so excited to inform that I have completed my shooting for my final portfolio. Very excited and proud of this accomplishment. I was fortunate to work with a talented photographer, Josh Driscoll, who is my fellow classmate. He was a perfect subject as a mime. :) Josh is extremely creative and expressive so photographing him today was very enjoyable! Marcel Marceau would have a run for his money!! :)
Josh, funny & creative as always :) March 25, 2012
This particular image is one of my favourites, the expression, the colour, the simplicity. Kinda sums up my style of shooting :P

Chowmein for now!! Friday, March 30th, I will be finished! Then off to Vancouver! Can't wait! The adventure continues!


Sunday, 11 March 2012


Hey there!

I've been having a great time with my models and my shoots, and I have a rather nice story with this particular subject, Shelly. I still had not confirmed a subject for my upcoming open shoot (my concept was to photograph a woman with wild, sexy hair while mock singing) and I was trying to organize the details while walking to the bus stop. There in front of me stopped at the crosswalk was a woman with a beautiful set of dreadlocks...and I thought...."God has placed this hair in front of me so I could photograph it". Upon passing the woman, I complimented her hair and asked if she had done any modelling, and when I asked if she would model for my shoot, she eagerly accepted! Very fortunate moment. Serendipity!

Shelly rockin' out on my hairdryer, March 2012
When she arrived at the studio, she was dressed to kill and very stunning in her gold high heeled boots and glamour fashion. It turns out Shelly is a rap artist looking to update her image and was searching for a photographer. Just goes to show, you never know who you're talking to! :P Shelly was a natural in front of the camera and brought my idea to life. This image makes me smile because one has to look twice to realize the subject is not holding a microphone, but is instead singing into my Conair hairdryer. Great shoot. Great subject. Great image. :)~ Thanks, Shelz